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Pictures Up Media, Calgary Video Production

Founded in 2016 by Laurie Hart, Pictures Up Media aims to deliver high quality video content to delight clients

and exceed expectations.

Laurie’s unique blend of formal education, including a Film and Video Production Diploma and a Bachelor of Film Studies Degree, combined with practical certifications in Advanced Analytics, Social Media Strategy, and Inbound Marketing has established him as a first-rate videographer and marketer in Calgary. His technical proficiency in camera work, lighting, video editing, and digital marketing trends allow him to create compelling visuals and deliver content that will elevate brand initiatives.

Laurie Hart

“The relationships we have with people are everything, not only in business, but in life. As a freelancer, the relationships I have formed and nurtured over the years are my most valuable resource. Most of my business is repeat business with loyal clients that have responded to my work ethic, friendliness, and ability to provide expert video and photography services.”

Laurie Hart Calgary Wedding Videographer
Laurie Hart, Calgary Videographer and Marketer

Every video project’s scope is unique and therefore, so is the budget. Big or small, we can accommodate you. With our network of freelance technicians and creatives in the Calgary area, we can assemble the right crew to suit your needs. Whether it is just Laurie tackling your project needs, or us assembling a diverse crew for a three day commercial shoot or conference.

IPEIA Videography and Photography Team, Pictures Up Media

Pictured: Our team for the annual International Pipeline Equipment Integrity Association Conference

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